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O U R  S T O R Y


I’ve been in the beauty industry for just under a decade and I’m still blown away that every female client who has stepped into the tanning tent has brought along with her a ‘bad body disclaimer’.

“Don’t mind the stretch marks”
“Please ignore my cellulite”
“Please don’t judge my saggy bum/boobs/tummy”

The part of her body she’s apologizing for, is certainly not what I notice about her. I see her as a blank canvas and am solely focused on perfecting my work. My job is to make her feel comfortable and most importantly, confident.

It saddens me how self-critical women have become. Whether social media, influencers, celebrities, publishers or whoever are to blame, something needs to change. We all practice self-care/self-love when we’re exhausted, or when we’re feeling mentally drained. I believe a tan is a harmless form of self-care we could all incorporate whenever we feel like a pick-me-up.

I’ve always loved the way a great tan gives people a boosted self-esteem and body confidence.
A tan has this magical effect on how you feel about yourself… Your attitude becomes positive, you feel sexy, fierce, and liberated. Everything you hated about your body; somehow seems improved. And everything you liked about your body; you suddenly LOVE!

Self-confidence is a little muscle you need to work on from time-to-time. If you spend 3-5 days flexing that muscle proudly with a radiating glow, imagine how good that is for your mind! 

We’ve all heard the expression “there’s nothing healthy about a tan” but if it’s a tan from a spray gun, or a bottle, and not the rays of the sun, there’s healthy benefits from feeling good. All that flexing is going to bring down your inner mean girl and project a more confident, sassy you to the world.

Tan Aesthetics aims to empower women with a deep, flawless tan that leaves you feeling confident, sexy, and fierce. 

But it’s important that our products do more than just help YOU look and feel good. We want to deepen our commitment to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable women too. Tan Aesthetics aims to turn every purchase into impact. For every Tan Aesthetics product sold, $1 is donated to a charity focused on empowering women and young girls. After checking out, the i=change platform appears, and you are given the choice between 3 charities: 

1. End violence against women (UN Women)
2. Help cancer patients (Look Good Feel Good)
3. Build a woman’s future (Akilah Institute)


Thank you for your support,

Jacqueline Kate xx

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